Arnhemland Streets Reconstruction

Client: West Arnhem Regional Council
Project Cost: $456,500
Duration: 8 Weeks
Project Overview:
This project consisted of a dual scope to meet the requirements of the Constructing a Road that included Earthworks, Spray seal, Driveways, culverts and Kerbing for Maningrida Community.
Part 1 – included the design, removal of existing road, preparation earthworks, supply, and providing Double coat Spray seal works
Part 2 – included the design, clearing of the existing area, preparation earthworks, supply, and installation of concrete driveways, kerbing, and culverts.
The Northern Projects team (1 supervisor & 5 labourers) commenced with the ordering and coordinating with the local suppliers for the provision of the equipment and materials needed for the successful completion of the works. Followed by the removal of existing equipment, earthworks and the construction of a new road followed by concrete driveways, kerbing and culverts.
Despite the challenges with providing goods and services to a remotely located site, the project was completed and delivered on time and budget. Site safety and WHS were applied on site and the project was completed without any incidents.