Maningrida Footy Oval

Client: West Arnhem Regional Council
Project Cost: $180,000
Duration: 6 Weeks
Project Overview:
This project consisted of a dual scope to meet the requirements of the Designing and Reconstructing a Community Centre For the town of Jabiru. It included two stages of Design and Build:
Stage 1– It included the designing and the concept plan for the Community Center.

Stage 2- It included the construction phase which involved of the following works:
a) Removing all the Existing Fences
b) Removing the existing carpark
c) Construct a new Sandpit
d) Construct two new shade structures
e) Construct a new disabled carpark
f) Provide Spray Grass and new irrigation system
g) Provide Proper Drainage system for the Community Center

Despite the challenges with providing goods and services to a remotely located site, the project was completed and delivered on time and budget. Site safety and WHS were applied on site and the project was completed without any incidents