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Our Story

Our experienced group of engineers, project managers, supervisors, OH&S and environmental advisors, skilled operators and service technicians are capable of any sized project presented. We strive to ensure each project is completed with care, efficiency and professionalism. Our diverse background allows us to provide sound engineering options meeting budget, time and feasibility constraints. Our professional track record is demonstrated by our outstanding reputation. With backgrounds in business, construction, design, and project management our experience encompasses many aspects of the civil industry, we can provide innovative solutions to meet project needs. We work with a variety of different clientele from the Government, municipal, commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. 


We achieve contract timeframes and manage projects to meet our clients tight Schedules and deadlines, by effectively managing our workflows and resources. We are committed to innovation and are always looking for more effective and Efficient processes to better manage our time to ensure quality and timely Project Delivery.

Local Development

We are committed to developing the Northern Territory through sourcing local employment, supply and subcontractors. We have an unwavering commitment to engaging and upskilling Indigenous Australians.


Our quality standards are extremely Stringent and we consistently achieve limited to no call backs, rework or defects. We have a regimented system consisting of control, inspections, testing, monitoring, audit and reporting activities to ensure we meet our Project KPI’s and client expectations.


SH Build mandates safety across all sites and supports all engaged subcontractors in gaining compliance with our safety system, a system that continues to evolve in accordance with good practices. We are proud of providing a workplace that is safe, clean and allows our workers to go home to their families.

Contract Administration

We are committed to the safety and preservation of our precious environment. We have an environmental management system that meets legislative requirements while ensuring the preservation of flora, fauna, and heritage. We meet environmental requirements and obligations through control.

Our Reach

Our team has extensive experience working throughout the Northern Territory. Please see map showing the locations in which we have completed contracts.

Our Expert Team

Meet Our Valueable Team That Give their Best To Give client complete satisfaction!

Juan George​

Vice President

Sean Hart

Project Leader

Emma Kelly

Creative Director

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​