Power road safety upgrades

Client: Litchfield shire Council
Project Cost: $415,000
Duration: 8 Weeks
Project Overview:
This project was recently awarded to northern projects. The project consists of widening the existing road to improve the safety of the road for drivers. Northern Project has provided traffic management to close one lane for roadworks and during all this time, it is ensured that the public can safely use the other lane of the road. Northern Projects will complete the works in next 6-7 weeks.

Stone pitching and concrete works:
The Second stage of the works consisted of stone pitching works to protect the drains from scouring. Concrete margins with weep holes were constructed along a 2 km road to assist in subsurface drainage.
2 concrete floodways were also installed.

Road works:
The third stage of the works consist of 1km of road works with concrete margins on both sides and a 2 coat 7mm/14mm spray seal.